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Is it possible to replace only damaged parts of the garage door?

According to our experts in Roseland garage door repair, it is possible but only to a certain extent. If the damage is minimal, then it is most likely possible to replace that certain part. However, if the damage is something big and other panels are affected, then it would be more difficult to replace the damaged parts.

Is it okay to repaint my garage door?

While it is all right to repaint the garage door, you must make sure that the type of paint could be used with the material of your garage door. Some paints have chemicals in them that could have reactions with the garage door material, such as not effectively sticking on to the surface.

What are the different kinds of garage door materials?

Most garage doors are made from wood, aluminum, fiberglass and steel. Each material has different advantages. The most preferred kinds of doors are those made of wood and steel. For lesser maintenance, choose the steel door but, if you want a natural product that can withstand the test of time, then choose a wood door. Our garage door repair specialists in Roseland can assist you in choosing the right material for your garage door.

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