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Proper Maintenance of Your Garage Door

Proper Maintenance of Your Garage Door
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The best way to keep your garage door functioning without any problems is by giving it the proper maintenance and care. For those easy maintenance procedures and repairs, owners must learn how to do some troubleshooting of their own before they call in a garage door repair company.

Day to day checking

One of the things that a door owner must keep an eye on is the exterior of the door. This part of the door must be cleaned on an annual basis. Another thing is that it is important for a garage door owner to know is the different aspects of the door such as the door openers and other parts to understand the function and maintenance required for each of these. The main reason why regular checks are needed is to certify that all these parts are working properly. This will also give you the chance to see which parts need repairs or replacement. The garage door springs need to be checked once every quarter to ensure their full functional capacity.Proper Maintenance of Your Garage Door

Overhead door springs are parts that need to be checked on a regular basis as well. It's essential to check particular parts to see if it has signs of wear and tear. Nuts and bolts are also susceptible to wear and tear so they too must be checked. These have to be screwed tightly.

You also need to apply a lubricant to springs, hinges, and bearings on a regular basis to avoid these parts from drying out and causing unnecessary friction. The door balance must also be monitored. This can be achieved by manually opening and closing the door while looking out for hitches. Doors also have to operate without noise except for the usual humming sound. If there is a hitch or a sound, then consult our experts for repairs.

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